Food and lifestyle products made by New Zealanders

Providore Market was born out of a personal need to access allergy friendly products and a passion for New Zealand made products. We know the struggle of food allergies and diet restrictions, as we are a family full of different food requirements! All food available through Providore Market is gluten free, as well as many products nut free, dairy free, soy free, egg free, vegan, vegetarian, and organic products. Allergy friendly and sustainable products are also available as gift boxes for those special occasions in life.

Providore Market only stocks products made in New Zealand or businesses based in New Zealand; we love supporting hard working Kiwis! Buying products made by Kiwis means every dollar spent through Providore Market helps other Kiwis as well as helping to ensure the miles of the products are minimal.

Providore Market is also passionate about ensuring New Zealand’s pristine environment can be enjoyed by future generations.

Family-based Business in the heart of the Waikato

Providore Market is based in the heart of the Waikato. We are a family business, and have extensive personal experience with food allergies and diet restrictions; we know the struggle of trying to find products you can enjoy.

Who We Are


Robyn-Anne is our founding director; she’s a Prius driving, beach loving, hard working wife, Mum, and Nana. The brains behind the Providore Market, Robyn-Anne is the one who will be sending your orders, answering your queries, and always on the lookout for new products to share with the Providore Market community. When she isn’t working on Providore Market, Robyn-Anne is working with her husband on their berry farm on the outskirts of Cambridge.


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