Adding Alexandra’s Tradition Dukkah to tomato soup gives it a lovely mediterranean taste. It is made from premium nuts, the freshest herbs and stone-ground spices. A really easy way of making a tomato soup exceptionally tasty is to purchase your favourite tomato soup, heat...
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Risotto is one of my favourite dishes, it is versatile and doesn’t require a trip to the supermarket for special ingredients. Arborio rice has been incredibly hard to find lately! You can make risotto with any rice, it will just have a different texture.  Ingredients:...
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Serving the Wild Country Mango & Lime Salsa along side the curry gives a tangy sweet taste to complement your curry. Ingredients: Vegetable oilOnion and garlic - finely dicedFresh ginger - finely gratedCurry paste (check the ingredients)1 eggplant slicedHalf a capsicum cut...
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Hummus is a humble dip of blended chickpeas with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic, and is enjoyed throughout the Mediterranean, but especially in the Eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey). While there is no shortage of hummus ...
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