Maker of The Month: September

Hunter Gatherer Gourmet

Anyone with at least one food allergy or diet restriction knows how hard it is to find delicious cake, let alone how hard it can be to make any sweet treats which are moist and tasty. Anyone who wants to bake something for someone with a food allergy or diet restrictions, our Hunter Gatherer Gourmet baking mixes are for you. 

All Hunter Gatherer Gourmet baking mixes are gluten free and dairy free, and are easily made egg free. The mixes are also paleo, and some are low in sugar and vegan. There is even a dedicated nut free chocolate mix to help ensure no one misses out!

The beauty about Hunter Gatherer Gourmet baking mixes is that they can be used as a complete sweet treat, or you can use the mixes as a base and put your own twist on whatever treat you’re creating. The fluffy pancake mix is also a quick and easy way to make delicious pancakes, waffles, or pikelets which of course are gluten free, dairy free, paleo, and vegan, and can be made egg free. 

Shop our range of Hunter Gatherer Gourmet here, and keep an eye out over the next month for ideas on ways to turn your Hunter Gatherer Gourmet mixes into spectacular baking.


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