What is Providore Market?

Providore Market is the brainchild of Robyn-Anne. Robyn-Anne, and many of her family members, have food allergies and diet restrictions; she wanted to create a place for others to easily access products to fit in to their life. All products available through Providore Market are gluten free and, where possible, we endeavour to stock nut free, dairy free, soy free, and egg free products; we know the struggle of trying to find food you want to eat! Ultimately, we would love to be the one-stop shop for everyone with any food allergies or diet restrictions. 

Protecting New Zealand’s pristine environment is a passion of Robyn-Anne’s. She drives a Prius but knows it is going to take a lot more than that to ensure our future generations have a world to enjoy. So, Providore Market also stocks products which help people become more environmentally sustainable in their everyday lives. Where we can we limit our impact on the environment too; we use courier bags made from recycled material and we reuse boxes and packaging wherever we can. It is unavoidable that we will have some negative impact on the environment, so to counteract this, at the end of every year we will ensure our carbon footprint is neutral by donating money to tree planting initiatives in New Zealand. We would also encourage all our customers and suppliers to ensure their carbon footprint is neutral as well. 

Only stocking products made in New Zealand or from businesses based in New Zealand was an important aspect of Providore Market from the beginning, we just love supporting Kiwis in business. We know all about working hard in small businesses, with Robyn-Anne and her husband operating a market garden for over 20 years on the outskirts of Cambridge. We believe local supporting local is the best way to make sure small New Zealand businesses thrive.

We are always on the hunt for new products to share with the Providore Market community, so keep a look out as we are constantly uploading new products to the website. If there is a product or brand you think Providore Market needs to stock get in contact and let us know! 


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